Monday, July 02, 2007

Holiday in France

We drove to our friends near Paris, stayed the night, and moved on to a little campsite near Blois the next day. Kaya loved camping: eating grass, sleeping with mom and dad in a big tent, eating baguettes and playing with other children. Tony and I enjoyed reading a book in our hammock, visiting some castles and villages, and of course drinking French wine and eating French cheese. C'était trés bon!

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't that great. After a bit of rain, the grounds were too wet for Kaya to crawl on, so we decided to go home a few days early. We went back to stay with Francis & Sofie and their daughter Lila for 2 more days, visited Paris (went to a Thai-Lao restaurant!) and again drank lot's of wine and ate lots of cheese...

Kaya can stand up and sit down by herself, and she's got two front teeth (that makes 6 in total) Two major accomplishments if you ask me.

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