Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kaya is growing and smiling!

Yesterday we took Kaya to the childcare office, where she had her first check up by a pediatrician. We were relieved to hear that Kaya is a perfectly healthy baby! She has grown a lot since her birth four weeks ago: 4 centimeters and 500 grams (she weighed 4320 at birth, than lost 200, and is now 4680). Her skin is beautiful, her eyes and ears are good, and so are her reflexes.
We knew we had a gorgeous and brilliant daughter, but it's nice to hear a professional confirm our opinion!

Furthermore, I thought I saw Kaya smile at me yesterday. She's now 4 weeks old, and according to all the books baby's don't smile until they're 6 weeks. But the doctor said it was very well possible that Kaya smiled at me, because she was so "complete" when she was born (and therefore a bit ahead of the average baby). Of course today Kaya's not getting any rest because mama wants her to smile again....

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Anonymous said...


Wat een grote dame bij geboorte! Ik wil volgende week je bevallingsverhaal in detail horen!

Ik geloof zeker dat ze lacht hoor, Elin deed het met 5 weken en die was ruim een week te vroeg geboren, dus nu Kaya 4 weken is kan het echt! En nu proberen vast te leggen :)


ps: mail nog ff je wensenlijstje :)