Sunday, October 15, 2006

First times

Kaya is experiencing a lot of first times:

the first time to be taken outside by two extremely proud parents

the first time to be in a car

the first time to be introduced to a cat

the first time to look very angry!

And of course there are a million other first times that we didn't take a picture of:
- the first time to throw up all over mommy's back
- the first time to keep those parents awake almost the whole night....
- the first time to surprise your parents by pooping just after they took your diaper off
etc. etc. etc.


Anonymous said...

Dag trotse ouders :))

Gaaf hè, al die 'eerste keren'!! Dat je niet alles vastlegt is niet erg, je gaat t toch nooit meer vergeten!!

Zo te zien genieten jullie flink, en terecht! Zelfs nachten met zn allen wakker zijn is leuk (tenminste, in het begin dan, hihi).

Dikke knuffel,


Anonymous said...

Very cute family ;-)
Chan & Ek