Thursday, September 28, 2006

baby stuff

We borrowed this hanging cradle from friends. It hangs in our bedroom, but can of course be moved to Ling's own room when we're tired of all the crying :-)

And this is Ling's room. It's not finished yet, but I don't think a tiny baby will notice that there's nothing on the walls yet... The room itself is actually ridiciously big for a baby, but Ling can use it until she's 18 and moves out of our house!

The dresser used to belong to my parents, and both me and my brother had our diapers changed on it.

40 weeks pregnant: I'm ready!

I'm absolutely huge! I'm as mobile as a walrus and I climb stairs with the speed of a turtle...but other than that I'm fine and it's great that cars stop when I want to cross the road.

it's also fun to scare shopemployees when they ask how many more weeks I have to go and then reply that my due date is today. For some reason they always look down to check if my feet are still dry.

Since a few days I can honoustly say I'm ready for Ling. Both physically (I needed some time to recover from renovating and moving) and mentally (I finally had time to think about what's ahead of us, instead of selecting wallpaper or toiletseats). And so is Tony. I should have taken a picture of him the week after we moved, because the poor thing looked like shit. But now he's his gorgeous self again!

you can come out now Ling.....

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

37 weeks pregnant

From this day on I can officially give birth at home. In our new home, because we moved last week! Everything went very smooth, but now we both need some time to relax...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Not online

In the last two weeks or so I've become absolutely huge! Moving has become quite tiring and doens't look that elegant anymore (not like my normal charming self...). Other than that I'm fine, and so is Ling.

I'd love to write more, and publish some photo's, but we moved last week and we won't have internet for another two weeks.

More news soon!!