Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Parents-to-be at work in new house

Since July 3rd we've been working hard in our new house. You can read about it in our other blog:

We don't know anything about baby's yet, but you can ask us about tearing down chimneys and steaming off layers of old wallpaper anytime!

Sunday, July 23, 2006


This is me 7 months pregnant and hungry...

Mama likes icecreams!

It's a hot summer in Holland and I'm eating as many icecreams as I can...This might be one of the reasons why I have suddenly grown so much! (July 18th)

Museum Mama

On June 11th we took our Brasilian friends Gisa and Torbi to a national parc and to the Kroller Muller museum (with many Van Gogh's, Renoirs etc., and a huge sculpure garden)

Proud mama in Cuba

Tony and I went to Cuba for 2 weeks (end of April 2006) for a final "backpack" holiday with just the two of us.

We travelled from Havana to Vinales, Maria la Gorda, to Trinidad and back to Havana.

Here I'm 19 weeks pregnant, and very proud to show my tiny belly! And I felt Ling kick for the first time in Trinidad, so she's a salsa girl!

Ling 20 weeks old!

Here you see Ling's profile (head, chest and hand). Isn't she gorgeous??

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the first picture of Ling

This is her at 12 weeks. While doing the ultrasound she even waved her arms. It was really cool to see and hear!


One detail has already been disclosed: It's a girl! But why this temporary name "Ling". We even called her 'Kung' for the first 20 weeks! They words are both from Thai. Kung means Shrimp and Ling means Monkey. We liked the sound of it a she did look like a shrimp in the first few weeks.